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Hello Everyone.  Welcome to my website.  I hope that you will find it useful to be able to download your child's assignments in case they have misplaced their current copy.  All of the files are on this website as either a jpeg picture image, a Microsoft word file, or an Adobe Acrobat Reader file.  The Acrobat Reader files will all be indicated with a .pdf ending.  If you don't currently have Adobe Acrobat Reader, you should be able to click the link below and download it to your computer.  These files may work better than the jpeg images for most of you.  I'm hoping that this website will allow you to help your child get their work for language arts turned in this school year. 

When you notice an assignment missing on your child's online progress report, simply click the link that has the same name as the missing assignment and you will get a picture copy of the assignment to print.  To help you at home, I have also included directions for the activity in another link.  Please don't hesitate to download these items.

For any and all question and concerns regarding homework and students please e-mail me at




 Identity Box Directions                              Copy Changing

 Identity Box Writing Assignment                 Copy Changing Direction

                                                                Copy Changing.pdf


 Sensory Classification Chart                        Story Revision Via Word Substitution

 Sensory Classification Word List                  Story Revision Via Word Substitution Word List

 Sensory Classification Directions                 Story Revision Via Word Substitution Directions

 Sensory Classification.pdf                           Story Revision Via Word Substitution.pdf


 Letter to Ms. W.



Similes and Metaphors Directions                   Alliteration

Sentence Models.pdf                                    Sentence Slicing.pdf

Dialogue Directions                                      Lead Directions


Story Line.pdf

Story Line.jpg

Story Line Directions


Show vs. Tell.pdf



Creature - descriptive writing grade sheet

Creature - Grade Sheet.pdf

Creature - Revision checklist pg.1.jpg

Creature - Revision checklist pg.2.jpg

Revision Checklist.pdf

Creature - Wanted Poster.jpg

Creature - Wanted Poster.pdf

Creature sheet.jpg

Creature Sheet.pdf

Creature Story Grading Criteria



Poetry Anthology Project.pdf                                        Poetry Selections.jpg

Poetry Anthology Project.jpg                                        Poetry Selections.pdf


Poetry Anthology Daily Grade Sheet.jpg

Poetry Anthology Draft Sheet.jpg

Poetry Grade sheet - pg. 1.pdf


Poetry Grade Sheet pg 1.jpg

Poetry Grade Sheet pg 2.jpg




Poetry - Casey at the Bat.jpg                                        Poetry - Ode to an Artichoke.jpg

Poetry - Casey at the Bat.pdf                                        Poetry - Ode to an Artichoke.pdf


Poetry - The Bat and Mooses.jpg                                Poetry - The Highwayman.jpg

Poetry - The Bat and Mooses.pdf                                Poetry - The Highwayman.pdf


Poetry Selections.jpg                                                    Poetry - Strategies for reading.jpg

Poetry Selections.pdf


Poetry Analysis Directions.doc                               

Poetry Analysis pg 1.jpg

Poetry Analysis Pg 2.jpg

Poetry Analysis Worksheet.pdf



How to do something paper.doc

Compare and Contrast.doc

Research Paper.doc



Resource Info. for revision - The five senses

Resource Info. for revision -The five senses cont.


Link to Adobe Acrobat Reader

E-mail me at Williamson.julie@bgsd.k12.wa.us

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